19-20 November 2018
The Bloomsbury Hotel,


Finance Transformation London

Going beyond disruption to create value

an AICPA and CIMA event in association with KNect365

Transforming CFOs and the finance function.

Revealing ground-breaking research from AICPA & CIMA.

Creating a vision for the future, AICPA & CIMA's  Accounting in extraordinary times: the future of finance report will reveal a composite picture of the finance function in relation to its comprehensive, worldwide project to identify finance's future direction and form. 

Enabled by new technologies, finance has the capability to assess a broader range of information, embrace a strategic mandate and become a far greater influencer within the organisation. It’s time to step up and occupy the space the finance function of the future must own!

Uncovering the DNA of future finance and the future CFO.

Moving beyond the often quoted cliches of value-add, business partnering and efficient operating models to truly uncovering new ways to deliver:

  • Superior performance
  • Enhanced communications and engagement
  • Heightened resilience
  • A better connected, more cohesive finance offering
Gain unrivalled access to the latest thinking on:
  • Defining tomorrow's business DNA
  • Transforming finance to support the modern business model
  • Designing the future target operating model
  • Embracing disruptors and technology innovation
  • Reskilling the finance workforce to embrace the future mandate

Is your finance function ready for the future?

Embrace disruptors; understand the drivers of change, the implications for finance and how to prepare for the future demands of a business you haven't even seen yet.

Hear thought-leadership from pioneers on their transformation journey

Navigating tomorrow's path. Together.

Changing technologies

Finance is facing unprecedented disruption. Responsible for changing the shape and role of both the function and its finance leaders, demystifying and embracing some of the more critical technologies is the path to success.

Don't simply jump on the technology bandwagon! Hear practical experiences and insights from industry speakers who will help you to assess exactly what technology you do and don't need, to move forward.

The changing shape of the finance function

Every CFO is an artist. Finding your own way to building the best finance function to support your business is how we can help. 

  • Embrace and adopt change
  • Capitalise on the opportunities open to you
  • Build the foundations to become a different kind of CFO leading a different kind of finance function
  • Increase the agility, speed and performance of the function

Changing skills and competencies

‘Finance people need a mindset that enables them to adapt through continuous learning.’

Learn how to:

  • Explore how technological automation is shifting the competency skills set required of a finance professional
  • Introduce the concept of a growth mindset
  • Demonstrate the increasing need to continually learn and relearn as new technologies replace timeworn skills and knowledge

Webinar recording with Andy Burrows

How the CFO will be the head coach in the business

Find out how you, as a CFO and finance team, can have a real impact on your business - like Pep Guardiola at Barcelona and Manchester City, or Alex Ferguson at Manchester United! Finance transformation, historically, has been all about saving money through outsourcing and technology. However, Andy Burrows, CEO and Founder of Supercharged Finance argues that a more radical transformation is needed for CFOs, and the finance function. Thrive in the digital age  - watch this webinar for practical guidance on achieving this.

Embracing business partnering

"I see three critical areas where the finance function can have a positive impact, particularly in today’s disruptive business environment."

Find out why Nigel Beck FCCA, ASQ, thinks that the finance functions today are in a unique position to embrace business partnering. 

Nigel is a speaker at the Finance Transformation conference in his session entitled. 'CFOs/Finance must spend more time looking at business transformation. Discuss.'

The CFO as the finance business partner

The CFO’s role has changed over the last 30 years. Are you aware of how much it has changed?

Read more of what Andy Burrows, speaker at the Finance Transformation conference thinks about this change and what the CFO's strategic blindspot really is. 

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